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Aug 16, 2018

Danielle has over 5 years of digital marketing experience focusing on local businesses. Her superpowers include Local SEO, content development, Social Media strategy, photography, and a dash of design. Originally from Seattle, WA, her and her husband just spent a year traveling, and have just recently settled in...

Aug 14, 2018

Laura helps girl boss entrepreneurs to build beautiful YouTube channels and shine bright online. As a YouTuber and host of the "Digital Diamonds Podcast", Laura empowers women to show up with their most badass self on video and create a standout personal brand online.

Aug 9, 2018

Elle McCann, owner and designer of Curious Themes web development studio, creates online classes that cover how to launch and grow Shopify stores quickly. She has been listed as a Shopify Expert for over five years and in that time has created over 150 Shopify stores. Elle is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs...

Aug 7, 2018

Bird Mejia uses the healing arts and her intuitive gifts and empathic, empowering energy to teach you how to unblock the patterns that have been holding you back, feel more balanced and empowered, heal your life and become your own hero.

Aug 6, 2018

Andrea Williams is a farmher and spiritual innkeeper at Rhino Acres in Magnolia, NC. She's created an incredibly supportive and nurturing all-inclusive retreat space where high performing coaches and service providers, and their clients, can feel completely nurtured and safe as they dive into the deep work that...